What Is Headlight Restoration?

Cars that spend most of their life parked outdoors, where sunlight, oxidation, UV rays and air pollution take a toll on headlight lenses, are most susceptible to this aging process. Clouded lenses that are not restored will continue to reduce headlight effectiveness, potentially causing safety issues in nighttime driving and low-visibility conditions. Clouded lenses cannot be simply cleaned with soap and water; they are cloudy because the plastic itself has been discolored and not just the surface.

Keeping your headlights clean and clear is of paramount importance for staying safe on the road, so as soon as you notice the performance of your car headlights start to diminish it's time to get them cleaned up.

Why Choose Spray-On Bedliner?

  • Acts as a shield against heavy loads
  • Prevents Leaks, Rust, & Corrosion
  • More Durable Than Drop-in Bedliners
  • Applied by Trained Technicians
  • Long Lasting Permanent Bond
  • Preserves Condition of Truck Bed
  • Doesn't Crack or Peel